Milestone Photographer

What is a milestone session?

From their adorable wobbly steps, to the infectious laughter that fills the air, our milestone sessions are all about celebrating and cherishing every special milestone your kiddo hits.  Whether it's their first face-plant into a birthday cake or simply capturing their ever-changing personality, I'm here to freeze these fleeting moments in time, so you can hold onto them forever.  With a dash of creativity, simplicity, and genuine emotion, I pour my heart into capturing the very essence of your child's growth, creating memories that'll make your heart smile for a lifetime.

Types of Milestone Sessions

Our milestone sessions are designed to encapsulate the magic of each stage.  At around 3 months, we document those heartwarming smiles and the joy of lifting up while on the tummy.  As your baby reaches 6 months, we seize the moments of sitting unassisted and the excitement of crawling.  By the time they're 9-10 months old, we're there to preserve the delight of standing, pulling up, and clapping.  And last but not least, our 12 month cake smash session captures the exhilaration of those first steps into the world of walking.  Remember, these milestones are approximate, as every baby develops differently, but our aim is to capture your little one exactly where they are on their individual journey.  Let's create lasting memories that will fill your heart with joy for years to come!

Milestone Photographer

Milestone Sessions

I LOVE capturing the cuteness of each  milestone in your baby's life! What a joy it is to watch your little one grow from a tiny, little helpless being into a wild adventurer is one of the best privileges of being your photographer. I am so excited to start documenting these precious moments for you!

THree Months

Get ready to capture the heartwarming innocence of your beautiful 3 month old baby! With this photo session, we'll focus on creating clean and beautiful images that showcase baby's growth and development.  No fluff, just simple beauty that will fill your heart with joy.  Let's freeze those tiny fingers, sweet smiles, and precious expressions in stunning pieces of art you'll cherish forever!

SIX Months

At 6 months, your baby is growing and blossoming with each passing day! During our session, we'll capture those precious moments that display your baby's emerging personality and newfound abilities.  We'll document those giggles, their first attempts at sitting up, and all the adorable moments in between!   

NINE Months

Guess what? Your baby is reaching a milestone that's all about personality and emotions! At 9 months, your little one is becoming more curious, expressive, and interactive.  With this session, we'll capture those heartfelt moments that truly reflect your baby's unique personality.  Using simple and beautiful photography, we will freeze their infectious laughter, adorable babbling, and all the expressions that make them who they are! 


Congratulations! Your baby's first year is a journey filled with so much love joy.  As we celebrate this monumental 12-month milestone, we'll capture the incredible growth and development your baby has accomplished! From  their first steps to their curious explorations, we'll document these significant moments with clean and beautiful photography.  Let's create stunning and timeless artwork that reflects the incredible journey your family has experienced together.  These memories, filled with beauty, will be treasured for a lifetime!

Cake Smashes

These sessions are so FUN! Our cake smash session is all about capturing the pure delight and messy fun that comes with this special milestone.  With no fluff, just simple beauty, we'll create clean and sweet photographs that showcase the joy and excitement on your baby's face as they dive into their very own cake masterpiece! I can't wait to create unforgettable memories of this adorable and deliciously messy moment, filled with laughter, icing, and simplicity that will make your heart melt!

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