What to Wear for Your Professional Headshots

You already know that in today’s technology driven world, having a great headshot is a must. So you have found a headshot photographer, booked your appointment, and you’re excited- there’s just one problem. You’re not sure what to wear for your professional headshots.

Don’t worry, I’m going to share some great tips to help you look amazing for your headshot session. But before I do, let me preface with this. These are just guidelines. If there is something you want to wear for your session, but it goes against this list, wear it anyway. THE most important thing is that whatever outfit you choose makes you feel confident!

Top Tips on What to Wear for your Professional Headshots


· For those of us who would like to appear slimmer on camera, form fitting clothes can help accomplish that. I’m not talking about tight clothing, just articles that are fitting enough to show your shape. We tend to get lost in boxy or flowy tops and that makes us look larger on the screen. No, thanks!

· Look for solid colors. Blues, blacks, and grays are popular choices for headshots, but don’t be afraid choose something with more color. Staying away from patterns is best, because they distract from the focal point of the image- you!

· While we want to avoid patterns, texture is great for adding interest without being too distracting. Lace and ruffles are beautiful and interesting, just stick with a solid color.

· Most women will tell you they don’t like their arms in photos. If you are one of them, there’s an easy remedy for that! Try wearing ¾ sleeves or long sleeves give your arms a slimming effect and it’s universally flattering. If you love your arms, don’t be afraid to go sleeveless!  Pass on the cap sleeves though. While they are pretty in style, they’re not really flattering.

· While we’re discussing sleeves, necklines deserve a mention as well. Cowl, scoop, or V-necks are all great options. Avoid designs that cover the neck, they may cause your neck to look cut off in your portraits!

· Add in layers to level up your outfit. A jacket or cardigan will not only help to slim your arms, but it adds a professional touch that’s perfect for headshots.

· The above tips are great for tops, but they also apply to dresses and one-piece outfits. If you’re going with a top and bottom, just choose coordinating pants or a skit to complete the outfit. Some pictures are just above the waist, while others are three-quarters, so make sure you’re happy with your bottom half too!

· Since this is a headshot session, there really shouldn’t be any full-length shots. Don’t worry too much about shoes, they may not even make an appearance. Bring a pair that will work with multiple outfits.  

· Here’s the fun part- accessories! Use jewelry to express your personality- big and bold, sleek and classy, or subtle and clean. The choice is yours. Glasses, scarves, and hair accessories are excellent options too.

· Bonus tip- don’t forget appropriate undergarments! Strapless bras are super helpful, and seamless panties and nude shapeware will leave you extra happy with your final images.

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· For a sleek, slim look, go with form fitting clothing. Most people want to look thinner, guys included!

· Look for solid colors. Busy patterns distract from the purpose of the image- your face, specifically your eyes. Same with graphics. The only exception to this rule is your tie. Feel free to express your personality with colors and patterns on your tie.

· Use layers for added interest. Add a fitted jacket, vest, or V-neck sweater to vary your looks and create a slimming effect.

· Do you prefer a causal look? Try a button up collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Add a V-neck vest for layers and you’re good to go!

· You can never go wrong with a buttoned up collared shirt and suit jacket! To dress it up, add a tie or go without for a more relaxed look.

· Don’t forget the coordinating pants, belt, socks, and shoes. The socks and shoes may not make an appearance, but be prepared, just in case. They may make their way into the frame in some sitting poses.

· Guys can enjoy accessories too! Glasses are a great one and can be used multiple ways to add interest and variety to your headshots. Rings, watches, and cuff links are all great options as well.

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